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Tappet clearance (fig. 2)  

Every 3000 km (2000 miles) or any time valve operation is too noisy, tappet clearance should be checked. This adjustment is made on a cold engine with the piston at TDC exactly at the end of its compression stroke. After removing the cylinder head cover, operate as follows:
  1. slacken nut 'A';
  2. screw in or out the adjuster screw 'B' until the following clearances are obtained:
    - inlet valve mm 0,22 (750, 850, 1000) and mm 0,15 (V35, V50, V65).
    - exhaust valve mm 0,22 (750, 850, 1000) and mm 0,20 (V35, V50, V65).
    Use a feeler gauge 'C' to check this clearance. When this is excessive, there will be noisy valve operation: if it is less, the valves may not close fully causing inconveniences such as:
    - compression loss;
    - engine overheating, etc.
On a new engine, this adjustment must be made after the first 500 km (300 miles).